Thursday, 9 October 2014

Spinworkx First Mount #32 - Trapeze with Mindbend (Front)

Just like First Mount #31, this First Mount involves a Mindbend but instead of a back Mindbend, this is the Trapeze with a Front Mindbend. Definitely another mount that is worth exploring. The Mindbend can lead to tricks such as Flops and could also be combined with slacks to get into more complex mounts. If you could hit the Trapeze with Mindbend (Back), this one should not be too hard to hit as well.

Now, this is how the Trapeze with the Front Mindbend is done.

First, throw a straight Breakaway. It doesn't need to be a hard Breakaway as you do not need the yo-yo to be swinging too fast.

As the yo-yo is swinging upwards, let it hit your non-throwing hand index finger.

This is where the Front Mindbend (#32) defers from the Back Mindbend (#31). As soon as the yo-yo hits your non-throw hand index, slack the string on the inside of your body, to have the string wrap around the yo-yo from the Front. The string should go from the inside of your body into the yo-yo gap. When the yo-yo string is caught / wrapped around the bearing, it should end up appearing like a regular Trapeze. However, when you try to hop the yo-yo up or off the string, you should not be able to as there is a mindbend around the yo-yo.

To dismount, you will need to unwrap the string from the Front and you will then be back into a Trapeze. Tadah, that is how you do the Trapeze with a Front Mindbend mount.

A few pointers to take note of when learning the Trapeze with Mindbend (Front) Mount:
1) Remember not to throw your Breakaway too hard.
2) When throwing the slacked string into the yo-yo, turn your body to face the yo-yo and throw the string on the inside of your arm.
3) Always aim and swing the string into the yo-yo gap.
4) Practice doing this Mount slowly to get the idea and the hang of the trick.

That is all for the Spinworkx First Mount Project this time around.
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Till the next Mount,
Keep Spinning!~

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