Wednesday, 12 November 2014

IZM by YOYOADDICT Launch at the Spinworkx Store

On the 11th of November, Spinworkx played host to 4x World Champion, Hiroyuki Suzuki, as well as world famous YoYoBaby, Kazuya Murata. Hiroyuki came down to launch his brand new line, IZM by YOYOADDICT with the first yo-yo being the VERSUS. During this launch, there was a mini game in store for everyone to take part in. It involved Boing-Boings, Iron Whips and Suicides.

So the contestants had to do more Boing-Boings than Kazuya could do on his first try. Kazuya hit 38 Boings. This narrowed the contestant pool down. Next up, contestants had to hit more than 19 Iron Whips that Hiroyuki set on his first try. This narrowed the contestant pool to just 2 finalists, Thawhir and Ian Loh.

For the last challenge, the 2 had to do the most Suicides they could do, and the winner would walk away with a brand new VERSUS yo-yo. Thawhir beat Ian in the final Suicide count to emerge the winner.

We would like to thank Hiroyuki and Kazuya for coming by and hanging out with us!

If you have not already tried the VERSUS, pick one up and try it out. Great yo-yo at a great price!

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