Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Spinworkx First Mount #35 - Chop & Grab Double Mount

For First Mount #35, it is something slightly different and requires you to move relatively quickly to do.  This Mount looks kinda like a weird/warped Double or Nothing, and it opens up various string segments for you to land on, giving you the option to explore. This Mount may have been done by other players in the past, but we first learnt it from local Spinner, Li Hao, from back in the day. Li Hao is a 2-time Singapore National Champion, and is one of the most consistent Spinners we have here in Singapore. 

Without further ado, let us get into explaining how the Chop & Grab Double Mount is done.

First, throw a Breakaway and let the string hit the bottom of your non-throwing hand index finger.

Once that is done, the string should be around your non-throwing hand index finger. Take note not to let this string slip off your finger.

Then move your throwing hand index finger to your left and intercept the string as it swings around your non-throwing hand index. Your throwing hand index should be like a 'hook' that is pointing towards you in the direction of your non-throwing hand.

With this 'hook', hook the string.

Now, quickly move you non throwing hand index finger, with the string still looped around, under your throwing hand and around over your throwing hand and 'chop' the string, landing the yo-yo onto the outer string like a Double or Nothing.

Once the yo-yo has landed onto the string, you have completed the Chop & Grab Double Mount.

This Mount may look easy to do, but it requires some practice and focus to be able to hit it consistently. Keep going at it, and you will get the hang of it.

A few pointers to take note of when learning the Chop & Grab Double Mount:
1) When first learning this Mount, do not throw your Breakaway too hard lest the yo-yo moves too quickly.
2) Try to visualise this trick in your head, and then attempt it, and visualize again, and attempt, repeat.
3) When landing the yo-yo onto the string for the complete Mount, remember to aim and cushion the drop of the yo-yo onto the string.
4) This Mount requires you to move both hands around each other in like a 'rolling' motion, so practice that rolling motion and the Mount with a 'dead' yo-yo first.

That is all for the Spinworkx First Mount Project this time around.
If you have any questions or feedback, drop us a note here, or shout out to us at our Facebook page.
You can also show us your Chop & Grab Double Mount by tagging us on our Instagram Page, with @spinworkxsg #firstmount #spinworkxfirstmount. 

Till the next Mount,
Chop & Grab!~

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