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Spinworkx King of the Spin 2014: Knockout Tournament

The End of Year SHOWCASE Contest is always the most fun because it also features the fun and unique King of the Spin competition. Each year, Spinners sign up for this not knowing what they need to do in the contest until each event is announced. This allows Spinners from different skill levels to participate and stand a chance of winning, whilst having a fun time. So wondering how the King of the Spin 2014 went down? Read on!

The first round, there were 21 competitors and the first activity that stood before them was that they had to do a Braintwister with a Duncan Hornet that was set up for looping.

The list of 21 were:
1) Gabriel Yong
2) Edward Soh
3) Chua Wei Xuan
4) Michael Lim
5) Kendrick Hu
6) Lee Wei Ting
7) Khoo Kian Chew
8) Muhd I'zzun
9) Norman Wee
10) Ian Chia
11) Ethan Ho Quan Xi
12) Karthik
13) Sciran
14) Colin Wan
15) Roland Tay
16) Dillion Ong
17) Marcus Koh
18) Wong Wei Da
19) Muhd Hafiq
20) Nick Yip
21) Brian Low

Each Spinner had to do 2 Braintwisters. If they failed and wished to move on to the next round, they had to do 3 Braintwisters instead. If they failed their second chance of surviving, then they were eliminated. Do note that not only is this tough because it is on an incredibly responsive yo-yo, it had to return to their hand. After a round, everyone got the hang of nailing the Braintwister and almost all went on to the next round.

After the Looping yo-yo Braintwister, the next activity that the remaining 20 had to do was a familiar one from last year. They had to do a 5A 360 using another yo-yo as a counterweight. Just like last year, quite a number of them had problems on this. The yo-yo as a counter weight threw many off and even with 2 tries, this proved difficult for some. With this, quite a few Spinners were knocked out, leaving only 12 competitors.

Now the 12 remaining contestants were split up into groups of 2 for the next challenge. They had to team up to do 10 Loop the Loops. Sounds easy right? Well, they had to loop on a metal, butterfly, unresponsive yo-yo. For this challenge, they had to work together with the team mate to see who was the stronger looper. Most of the teams managed this well and after the challenge was over, 2 more were eliminated, leaving just 10 Spinners still in the King of the Spin.

Next, the 4th challenge of the King of the Spin 2014 had the remaining 10 fight for their place in the competition with them needing to do lying down Shoot the Moon on a Duncan Butterfly.

Top 10:
1) Colin Wan
2) Wong Wei Da
3) Marcus Koh
4) Chua Wei Xuan
5) Michael Lim
6) Kendrick Hu
7) Khoo Kian Chew
8) Muhd I'zzun
9) Norman Wee
10) Karthik

They were given 2 chances to make up the total of 10 Shoot the Moons. This challenge eliminated 6, leaving the top 4 to battle it out in the Semi-Finals.

The top 4 remaining contestants were:

1) Colin Wan
2) Wong Wei Da
3) Marcus Koh
4) Chua Wei Xuan

What stood before the top 4 progressing from Semis to the Finals was one simple trick. The Trapeze. The catch is that they had to hit their Trapeze with the YoYoFactory Wooden yo-yo, the Legend. At Worlds, contestants were only given 1 try for this. This time, the 4 Semi-finalists were given 3 attempts to hit just 1 Trapeze. This proved difficult for even the most seasoned of yo-yo players, and with that only 2 contestants remained.

Finals: Colin Wan VS Wong Wei Da.

The Activity that determined the winner of the King of the Spin 2014 is this game called 'Offstring Goal'. What Colin and Wei Da had to do was to throw an Offstring yo-yo and aim it to go in-between the 2 positioned chairs and score a 'goal'. Both of them had 5 tries like a Soccer Penalty Shoot-out and the person with the most 'goals' would win.

But after 5 tries each, the score was tied at 3-3. So a Sudden Death was in order. Now, the game got tougher as the chairs were positioned even closer to each other, making the 'goal scoring' area even smaller.

After numerous attempts, a winner finally emerged and he managed to score the only 'goal' in Sudden Death. The King of the Spin 2014 Champion is none other than Wong Wei Da, beating out King of the Spin 2013 Champion Colin Wan.

Once again, congratulations to Wei Da, who narrowly beat out Colin in the final Battle.

Look out for the next Spinworkx King of the Spin Tournament in 2015!
But till then, there will surely be more fun-filled activities to look forward to, so keep Spinning!

photo credits to: Andrew Lin, Colin Wan, Hong Aun Lung & Ko Hwee Ngee

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