Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Summer Kendama Jam 2015 Results

The Summer Kendama Jam 2015 was a blast! There were so many participants at the event and it was heartening to see more and more young ones picking up kendama.

From the preliminaries, participants were sectioned into their respective categories. If the participant managed to complete Moshikame and above, they were in the Intermediate category. If they managed to hit Bird and above, they were in the Advanced category. If not, they remained in the Beginner category.

Each category had participants battling it out to be crowned the champion, and here we have the results.

For the Beginner Category, the finalists were:
1) Fitri
2) Ivan
3) Nicholas
4) Haroon
5) Julian Segar
6) Daniel
7) Aqmal

After a tough battle of seeing who could complete the beginner trick list the fastest, the top 3 were crowned.

Beginner Champion: Ivan
Beginner First Runner-up: Fitri
Beginner Second Runner-up: Julian Segar
Next up was the Pick-a-trick for the Intermediate finals. The finalists were:
1) Rushdan
2) Nizam
3) Hamzary
4) Aniq

The Intermediate tricks that were picked were not easy tricks, but the competitors gave it their all and the top 3 are as follows.

Intermediate Champion: Nizam
Intermediate First Runner-up: Aniq
Intermediate Second Runner-up: Rushdan
The Advanced finalists were all powerhouses and there was no surprises on the people making it into the Advanced category. They were:
1) Khairul
2) Md Haikal
3) Nasrullah
4) Syamil
5) Jeremy Tan
6) Ian Loh
7) Marco Wong
8) Chua Wei Xuan
9) Preston
10) Jalimi
11) Zhorfan
12) Jericho

Each Advanced finalist was given a list of tricks that they could perform during a 3 minute freestyle. This was similar to how the Kendama World Cup was conducted and the Winners are as follows.

Advanced Champion: Marco Wong
Advanced First Runner-up: Nasrullah
Advanced Second Runner-up: Jeremy, Wei Xuan, Jericho (3-way Tie)
With that, we would like to thank everyone who came down to support the Summer Kendama Jam 2015 event. We hope everyone had fun at the Jam and we hope to see everyone again soon!

Huge shoutout to SFBkendama for hosting and organising the Jam with us. Thank you guys for putting in the hardwork to make the event awesome!

Till next time,
Keep shredding!~

Photos by: Colin Wan

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