Wednesday, 11 March 2015

The Spinworkx Kendama (Stained Black Ken / Glitter Orange Tama)

In 2015, Spinworkx released our very own kendama in our signature colorway. It has been in the plans for awhile now, and for our very first kendama, we could not be happier with it.

We knew that when we did a kendama, we wanted one to be in our colors. So we got our Ken to be stained black, our Tama to be a glittery solid orange and keep the string in white to reflect the 3 colors of our logo. What's more, the glittery orange Tama was made to be very slightly tacky out of the package, but with more play and more wear, it would be perfect.

We are still undecided if we will continue to have future editions of the Spinworkx Kendama, but as of now, we are mighty pleased with this one. So before we head on out, here is a short Clip Video of the footage we got from filming some of the guys lacing with the SXK!

Thanks goes out to Ian, Jeremy, Marco, Wei Ting and Wei Xuan for hitting their tricks and for being awesome in the video. Also, the superb photos were taken by our very own Mr. Colin Wan. Till next time, keep shredding!

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