Thursday, 16 July 2015

Asia Pacific Yo-Yo Championships 2015 Champion of Champions

AP 2015 this year had a 8-player knock out Champion of Champions contest to end off the event and to crown the 2015 AP Champion of Champions.

With the 5 AP 2015 Champions and 3 wildcards selected by the judges, the 8 person player pool looked like this:

1) Iori Yamaki (1A Champion)
2) Shinji Saito (2A Champion & 2014 Champion of Champions)
3) Taiichiro Higashi (3A Champion)
4) Naoto Onishi (4A Champion)
5) Naoya Takeuchi (5A Champion)
6) Marcus Koh (Singapore 1A Champion) (Wildcard #1)
7) Shu Takada (2A 1st Runner-up) (Wildcard #2)
8) Mizuki Takimoto (3A 1st Runner-up) (Wildcard #3)

This year's Champion of Champions contest was STACKED with amazing talent hailing from Japan. The Japanese contingent came and tore up the stage at AP 2015 with some amazing freestyles and the Champion of Champions was not going to disappoint.

So for the Quarter Final battles, the match-ups were drawn to be:

1) Shinji Saito VS Taiichiro Higashi
2) Marcus Koh VS Naoya Takeuchi
3) Iori Yamaki VS Mizuki Takimoto
4) Shu Takada VS Naoto Onishi

The Judges voted and the Semi-Final match-ups were:

1) Shinji Saito VS Marcus Koh
2) Mizuki Takimoto VS Shu Takada

After an amazing Semi-Final round where all the competitors were incredibly entertaining and some hilarious (Hi Mizuki!), the Finals was set up to be a battle to be remembered.

Finals: Shinji Saito VS Shu Takada

It was a JAW-DROPPPING, NAIL-BITING Champion of Champions Finals and probably the closest contested Final Battle ever. With the judges torn between both contestants, it was Shinji who narrowly edged out Shu in a 3-2 Judge Vote.

What an amazing and entertaining Champion of Champions Battle. The competitors really brought out some of the best and most entertaining/exciting tricks and we couldn't have asked for more.

Congrats to Shinji for retaining his Champion of Champions title, and to all Champion of Champions competitors.

Till the next Champion of Champions contest!~

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