Monday, 10 August 2015

SHOWCASE Vol.8 (29 August 2015)

SHOWCASE Vol.8 is coming up right after the end of the current contest season where everyone has fresh inspiration from all the major contests of the year. With all this inspiration, we would like to see what fresh new tricks everyone has to offer, and also to provide the up-and-coming guys some stage time to get used to the competition feeling. As always, this is a great opportunity to practice your tricks in a freestyle, so make the best of it!

What:  SHOWCASE Vol.8
When: 29 August 2015 (Saturday)
Time:  2.30pm - 6.30pm
Where: Level 4 Atrium (Grass Patch) at Orchard Central
Who: Absolutely anybody can take part

There will be 2 regular events for SHOWCASE Vol.8 and they are the 2 minute freestyle divisions, namely the 1A Division and the combined X Division.

Read up more info on the webpage here:

Register for SHOWCASE here:

SHOWCASE Vol 8. registration deadline is 26 August 2015.

For SHOWCASE Vol.8, the rules are simple and back to the basics. Full Technical Execution (if you don't understand this, go to the more info link above) and Major Deductions only.

We are excited to see everyone come together again after this busy contest season and throw-down and chill before embarking on practice for the new season. Remember, at SHOWCASE, we wanna see your very best tricks, to have fun and to get in some crucial practice time in front of an audience. 

As always, we are requesting for community-based volunteers to judge at the event.

This benefits the volunteers as they get to learn how to judge AND they get to learn how to improve on their own freestyles by understanding how freestyles are clicked and scored. (If you wish to volunteer as a judge, fill in the registration form as well). 

Do sign up for SHOWCASE Vol.8 today and we will see y'all soon!

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