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Spinworkx King of the Spin 2015: Head to Head Battle

The final SHOWCASE of the year is always the most fun because it also features the King of the Spin competition. For this contest, Spinners sign up not knowing what they need to do in the contest until each event is announced. This allows Spinners from different skill levels to participate and stand a chance of winning, whilst having a fun time. So this is how the King of the Spin 2015 happened!

At the start, there were 27 participants that signed up and here is the preliminary battles

1) Quay Xue Han VS Karthik Deveraj
2) Wee Teng Ee VS Brian Low
3) Ian Loh VS Jeremy Tan
4) Ee Heng VS Marcus Koh
5) Muhd I'zzun VS Ian Chia
6) Zen VS Kian Chew
7) Sam Guan Ting VS Muhd Hafiq
8) Koh Yang Jie VS Lee Wei Ting
9) Ethan Liew VS Ryan Lim
10) Alton VS Brandon Sommer
11) Sciran VS Kenneth Bay
12) Michael Lim VS Zhen Yi
13) Chen Kun VS Chan Yu Hong
14) Colin Wan (Receiving a bye for being past King of the Spin Champion)

For these battles, there was a fixed list of tricks and one trick would be randomly chosen for each battle.

The trick list is:
1) Most number of Eli Hops (1A)
2) Most number of Iron Whips (1A)
3) Most number of Offstring Whips (4A)
4) Most number of 2 handed Loop the Loops (2A)
5) Most number of Shoot the Moons (1A)
6) Longest Sleeper with a Fixed Axle yo-yo
7) Yo-Yo Bowling (Furthest Distance)
8) Most number of any type of Whip (1A)
9) Most number of inside Loops with string tied around the wrist
10) Most number of inside Loops with string tied around the Pinky Finger
11) Most number of Suicides (1A)
12) Longest horizontal fingerspin (1A)
13) First person to hit a trapeze on wooden fixed axle Yo-Yo (YYF Legend)
14) First person to hit a Double Trapeze (3A)
15) Most number of Eli Hops for both Left and Right hands (1A)
16) Most number of Cross-hand Milk the Cow (2A)
17) Most number of Offstring Boing-boing (4A)
18) Most number of Butterfly (5A)
19) First person to hit a Braintwister on a Fixed Axle yo-yo
20) Most number of Loop the Loops on a Butterfly-shaped yo-yo
21) First person to Rocket into the Pocket
22) Most number of Outside Loops with string tied around both wrists

And after the first round of battles, the competitors that made it to the next round were:
1) Karthik Deveraj
2) Wee Teng Ee

3) Ian Loh
4) Marcus Koh

5) Muhd I'zzun
6) Zen

7) Sam Guan Ting
8) Lee Wei Ting

9) Ryan Lim
10) Brandon Sommer

11) Kenneth Bay
12) Michael Lim

13) Chen Kun
14) Colin Wan

The random tricks still applied to this round of battles and following this, the remaining competitors were:

1) Wee Teng Ee
2) Marcus Koh
3) Muhd I'zzun
4) Lee Wei Ting
5) Brandon Sommer
6) Michael Lim
7) Colin Wan

For this, the Quarter-final match-ups were:

Wee Teng Ee VS Marcus Koh
Mohd I'zzun VS Lee Wei Ting
Brandon Sommer VS Michael Lim VS Colin Wan

For the first match, Teng Ee against Marcus, the trick that was drawn for them to do was trick number  17 to Teng Ee's advantage. Horizontal Boing-Boing. Marcus does do a little bit of 4A but that was not enough to stop 4A powerhouse Teng Ee from taking this battle and moving on.

The next match pit I'zzun against Wei Ting in a 1A battle. Both of these guys are great in 1A and the trick was number 12, Longest Horizontal Fingerspin. These guys brought out a secret fingerspin weapon in the YYJ Lateral caps, but in the end, Lee Wei Ting took it and moved on.

The last Quarter final match was a 3-way battle that had new school 1A player Brandon, against new school 3A player Michael, against old school 2A player Colin. With the random draw being made, it was Colin who got the luck of the draw with a very simple 2A trick, most double-handed loop the loops. Colin took this contest easily and progressed on to the next round.

For the Semi-finals battle, it was Teng Ee VS Wei Ting VS Colin. Again, a random trick was drawn and lady-luck was shining down on Colin today, with the trick being a old school 2A trick, most number of Cross-hand Milk the Cows. Colin easily had the highest number but it was down to Wei Ting and Teng Ee to see who could do the most. Teng Ee with a little bit more experience with 2A narrowly beat out Wei Ting to move on to the final round against Colin.

The Finals was conducted in a slightly different fashion. It was a 30s 30s freestyle battle that had Teng Ee against Colin. Teng Ee has been doing spectacular in prelims for SYYC and AP, and the last time Colin competed was back in 2010. So each of these guys will get 2-30 second runs. With a coin flip, Colin was up first, followed by Teng Ee. But this was no simple 30s freestyle. For the first round of 30 second freestyles, the guys had to use a stock YoYoFactory ONE yo-yo that was incredibly responsive. For the second round of 30 second freestyles, the guys had to use a Duncan Ignite (Fixed Axle) for their run.

The finals was an intense battle, pitting the old school against the new school. The 5 judges, comprising of old school, new school, performers and King of the Spin 2015 competitors had to vote after the 2 runs to determine the King of the Spin 2015 winner.

Colin up first with his super responsive ONE yo-yo freestyle was very shaky at first but had some kung-fu moves added to his routine that made the judges laugh. Teng Ee opted for a more technical routine, impressed the judges with his tricks, but was unable to execute them smoothly due to the responsive nature of the yo-yo. After this round, the judges had their first impressions on both competitors, but the second round would seal the deal.

Colin started out strong with the Ignite, being very comfortable with a fixed axle yo-yo from his old-school style of play. Teng Ee put on a more entertaining routine with the Ignite, but not being used to Fixed Axle also had some problems controlling the yo-yo.

After their routines were over, the judges were given sometime to make their final decisions and then their votes were cast!

The votes were 4-to-1 in favour of Colin and for the second time, Colin was crowned the King of the Spin!

Congratulations of Colin for winning the King of the Spin contest once again, and thank you to all the competitors who took part. Hope everyone had a fun and exciting time!

Till the next King of the Spin, have fun and have a superb 2016!

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