Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Throw Revolution X Spinworkx Trick Tutorials #11 - Finger Spin UFO

Throw Revolution, together with us, will be releasing a set of 20 Trick Tutorials to get players, new or old, honed in for freestyles. This set of tricks to come include various modern elements that is worth a learn to rack up points during contests.

The trick-set for these trick tutorials was thought up by 2011 World Yo-Yo Champion, Marcus Koh, and the elements in these short tricks are still used by Marcus in his contest freestyles.

For the eleventh trick in the Trick Tutorials line-up, we have a trick that is really cool and something we absolutely love to do! The Finger Spin UFO has been a very popular trick in recent years, and many creative and innovative players have not only done this trick, but added a unique and creative spin on it. However, we are here to teach you the basic Finger Spin UFO.

The idea of this trick is simple in concept, but difficult to execute for a new spinner. However, with time and practice, just like any trick, you'll be able to get it. There are many different things you will need to do before getting into this trick. Firstly, you must be able to do a throw that sets you up for 'Frontstyle' Horizontal tricks. This involves throwing the yo-yo that is practically parallel to the ground.

Once you have got that down, you will need to learn how to do a Finger Spin.

The next thing you'll need to perfect is the single string whip that is normally done to bind the yo-yo.

When you have mastered all these 3 different things, you are ready to put together and attempt the Finger Spin UFO!

When learning this trick, the important thing to note is not to rush! Take your time and perfect each step before progression onto the next step. At first this trick may be tough to hit, but practice, watch and study the trick to understand how the trick is executed.

This trick may be tough and as always if you have any questions, you can hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, drop us an email, or come down and ask us (or the Throw Revolution team) on how to get this down.

Have fun practicing, and keep spinning!

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