Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Throw Revolution X Spinworkx Trick Tutorials #17 - Japan Swing

Throw Revolution, together with us, will be releasing a set of 20 Trick Tutorials to get players, new or old, honed in for freestyles. This set of tricks to come include various modern elements that is worth a learn to rack up points during contests.

The trick-set for these trick tutorials was thought up by 2011 World Yo-Yo Champion, Marcus Koh, and the elements in these short tricks are still used by Marcus in his contest freestyles.

For the seventeenth trick in the Trick Tutorials line-up, we have a trick that looks simple, but there are tiny elements that may make it harder for new players. Before attempting the Japan Swing trick, you must know how to do Double or Nothing, Trapeze Brother, Kwijibo and Roller Coaster!

This trick is a cool looking trick that is a variant of old school trick, Candy Rain. If you have mastered the Japan Swing moving forward, go check out Candy Rain and give that a shot too.

For Japan Swing, just ensure that throughout the duration of the trick, your yo-yo must always be straight and the string is centered. If not, your yo-yo will start snagging, or may even bind back unexpectedly, causing all kinds of problems! 

We won't go into the specific breakdown of the trick as it has been laid out well in the video, so give it a go and when you have mastered it, develop your own variations. The cool thing about the Japan Swing is that you can perform it really quickly in your combo or routine to make the entire segment look more flashy and cool.

To end this Trick Tutorial off, do remember that if you have any questions, you can always hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, drop us an email, or come down and ask us (or the Throw Revolution team) on how to perfect this (or any other) trick!

Have fun practicing, and keep spinning!

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