Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Throw Revolution X Spinworkx Trick Tutorials #18 - Seasick

Throw Revolution, together with us, will be releasing a set of 20 Trick Tutorials to get players, new or old, honed in for freestyles. This set of tricks to come include various modern elements that is worth a learn to rack up points during contests.

The trick-set for these trick tutorials was thought up by 2011 World Yo-Yo Champion, Marcus Koh, and the elements in these short tricks are still used by Marcus in his contest freestyles.

For the eighteenth trick in the Trick Tutorials line-up, we have an old-school trick from the very early 2000s that is easy in theory, but hard to master and execute. This trick is called Seasick!

The Seasick trick was created by Gary Longoria, a pioneer in 1A tricks from back in the day, and is one of the pioneer generation of Spindox, where lots of technical and creative 1A tricks was thought up and conceived. The early 2000s was a spectacular era for yo-yos as tons of new concepts, mounts and combos were developed, and these tricks were thought impossible just a couple of years prior.

Now, getting to the Seasick trick, Seasick is actually a repeater trick. Though it may seem easy to understand, performing it just like how Gary would do it is extremely challenging! We recommend that you know and perfect the Boing-Boing trick before attempting the Seasick.

Seasick starts from a traditional Split Bottom Mount and takes off from there. When performing the Seasick, a tip (albeit a bit confusing) is when you first pop up the yo-yo for the beginning of the Seasick, you first move your throw hand upwards and your non-throw hand lags behind and follows the throw hand shortly after. The entire motion should be as flowy as possible.

Whenever your throw hand moves up, your non-throw hand should follow behind. Same goes for when the throw hand moves down.

When the Seasick trick is mastered, it looks really cool and it is a trick that you don't see much of these days. Great for performances and when trying to showcase something simple, yet incredible looking.
To end this Trick Tutorial off, do remember that if you have any questions, you can always hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, drop us an email, or come down and ask us (or the Throw Revolution team) on how to perfect this (or any other) trick! The Seasick takes lots of practice and work, so if you intend to learn and master this, and just cant seem to get it right, be sure to come down and ask us to help you out!

Have fun practicing, and keep spinning!

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