Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Throw Revolution X Spinworkx Trick Tutorials #20 - Yuuki Transition

Throw Revolution, together with us, will be releasing a set of 20 Trick Tutorials to get players, new or old, honed in for freestyles. This set of tricks to come include various modern elements that is worth a learn to rack up points during contests.

The trick-set for these trick tutorials was thought up by 2011 World Yo-Yo Champion, Marcus Koh, and the elements in these short tricks are still used by Marcus in his contest freestyles.

For the Twentieth (and final) trick (for now) in the Trick Tutorials line-up, we have an entry-level 'Tech' trick that every yo-yo player should learn. This trick will definitely add something to your combo or when you are creating tricks, and if you can develop your own variation from this move, even better! Presenting the Yuuki Transition.

Yuuki Spencer needs no introduction. Anyone who has been playing with yo-yos for awhile must know him. Yuuki has developed and pushed technical 1A tricks back in the early 2000s, and up till today, comes up with fresh and exciting new concepts every now and then. Yuuki is a 2x World 1A Champion, and definitely belongs in anyone's list of favorite players.

In the trick tutorial video, Marcus did a great job in breaking down each step of this trick, so we won't try to describe it with words. It may look a bit complex when done quickly, but break it down step by step and you'll be able to get it. Technical 1A play is really cool to watch as it is just amazing how these players can think of such tricks. When Yuuki did this trick back in the day, it astounded everyone. Now, years later, people have finally caught on to this trick and can finally do it with more ease.

Definitely learn this trick to add to your combos or to amaze fellow yo-yo players! Do remember that if you have any questions, you can always hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, drop us an email, or come down and ask us (or the Throw Revolution team) on how to perfect this (or any other) trick!

Thanks for following us throughout all these 20 tricks that we have done together with Throw Revolution. As always, remember to have fun practicing, and keep spinning!

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